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Retirement Planning for Women

Retirement Planning for Women

According to a recent study by George Washington University1, women are not as financially literate as men. A lack of confidence also causes women to be more risk-averse and hinders many from investing in the stock market.

Dellelo Wealth Management aims to provide confidence in investing to women and build more confidence surrounding their retirement plans throughout the many stages of life.

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Women in the Workplace

We partner with working women to help them turn their income into assets. Our team emphasizes the importance of investing early on in one’s career and avoiding pitfalls from not saving properly. Many individuals will resort only to their 401(k) and neglect other impactful avenues, such as a Roth IRA. We offer guidance on how to invest and what to invest in based on one’s risk level and unique situation. We are dedicated to improving financial literacy and helping women plan for longevity.

Married Women

Due to the gender gap present in financial literacy, many married women tend to leave the decision-making to their partners. When working with married couples, we hope to empower women to be present in these conversations, improve their understanding if needed and help keep them abreast of their financial situation.

Widowed Women

Women tend to live longer than men, which is another reason women should play a prominent role in financial planning. Dellelo Wealth Management assists widows with navigating the difficult transition after losing a spouse. We work alongside estate attorneys to carry out your spouse’s final wishes while helping you update your own estate. We also advise on best practices for your partner’s pension, Social Security, life insurance, and finances. While you work through the loss of a loved one, we aim to make the process as pain-free as possible.


Navigating a divorce can have a tolling effect on individuals. You may have gone from a dual income to a single income household and are left to reexamine your financial future. We help ease the burden by reviewing your current situation and providing a strategic plan regarding your assets, debt and personal objectives.