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Why Dellelo Wealth Management

Why Dellelo Wealth Management

Our commitment to helping clients navigate their financial journey is depicted in our name. Orbis, the Latin word for “compass,” emphasizes our dedication to offering guidance every step of the way. Our holistic planning services not only allow us to serve as a resource for financial planning, but also offer tax strategies to optimize your retirement savings.

Independent, Education-Driven Fiduciary Service

Our passion for developing trustworthy client relationships is at the heart of what we do. Consequently, Dellelo Wealth Management consists of advisors committed to upholding a fiduciary standard by always putting the client’s interest first. This obligation ensures that our team will provide transparency and work to define the best course of action centered on your personal circumstances. We build relationships that provide confidence and allow you to feel in control of all aspects of your financial life with a clear roadmap for the future.

Our dedication to offering leading-edge advice is exhibited by our continuous pursuit to expand our expertise. We regularly participate in training workshops to master retirement planning efforts and stay abreast of timely strategies. Additionally, we are committed to furthering our education through attaining licenses and designations that allow us to offer the highest level of service.